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Rochester, NY 14624
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Excellence & Innovation from your concept
to the completed part

Lane Industries is a full service manufacturing company founded in 1990 as a family business, with a focus on precision machining. We consider ourselves to be unique within the machine shop industry, primarily in selling “solutions”, acting in a pro-active manner and managing the process/cost in a creative way. Additionally, we function as a business partner rather than a supplier.

For many companies, the vision is a plaque in the lobby. And, to simply compete, most are continually seeking better solutions for their business. It’s much more uncommon to see a company that pairs vision and solutions.

For us, it’s the way we begin each day. It’s our way of thinking and our behavior. Our goal was and is to become a source and resource for excellence…for you.

Sounds simple. Yet, it insists on innovation across the entire continuum of manufacturing.

Top talent, an innovative process, sparkling clean state-of-the-art facilities, cost-containment strategies and award-winning support are a part of every part.

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical and quality standards…and we have fun too!

So that’s it. Everyday you can expect us to use our abilities and our imagination to improve your parts, make doing business easier and make you happy and long-term customer.